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American Equity Announces New Product Series

March 19, 2018

IncomeShield Series Brings New Income Flexibility and Lifetime Income Options

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa—(BUSINESS WIRE)—March 19, 2018—American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company,  a leading underwriter of index and fixed rate annuities, announced the addition of a new fixed index annuity series to its competitive portfolio. The IncomeShield series offers contract owners a variety of guaranteed income options as well as the ability to secure a lifelong revenue stream. 

"Our new IncomeShield series provides the guaranteed protection and income options that today's pre-retirees and retirees are looking for to fund their retirement," said Ron Grensteiner, President of American Equity. "We are excited to offer the retiring public new financial security products backed by the quality customer service that has made us one of the top carriers in the fixed index annuity industry."  

The IncomeShield Series – available now – offers clients flexibility with 7 or 10 year surrender schedules and 5 or 7 interest crediting options.  A 7 percent premium bonus is also available on the IncomeShield 10, as well as lifetime income riders allowing for a flexible lifelong revenue source. 

“Securing income for life is a priority for Americans” said Kirby Wood, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at American Equity. "That's why the products we offer are designed to help meet the financial demands of today's lengthening retirements. Our contract owners can sleep well knowing their hard-earned dollars are safe and their income is there as long as they need it."

Contract issued under form series ICC17 BASE-IDX, ICC17 IDX-10-7, ICC17 BASE-IDX-B, ICC17 IDX-11-10, ICC18 E-MPTP, ICC18 E-PTPC, ICC18 E-PTPR, ICC16 R-MVA, ICC17 R-LIBR-FCP, ICC17 R-LIBR-FSP, ICC17 R-LIBR-W-FCP, ICC17 R-LIBR-W-FSP and state variations thereof. Availability may vary by state. 

Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of American Equity and are not guaranteed by any bank or insured by the FDIC.

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company® is a full-service underwriter of fixed annuity products, with a primary emphasis on the sale of index annuities.  Headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company is committed to providing products with integrity as well as superior service to the agents they partner with and their policyholders. For more information, please visit

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